27, 28 & 29 November 2024 in Lisbon

Keynote: Port Cities in the frontline of climate change

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November 17, 2023 • 14h00 - 14h15

Over the last few centuries, a series of natural phenomena and man-made factors have profoundly altered the lagoon environment. Over time, eustasy and subsidence have radically altered the relationship between land and water, with a loss of level of around 25 cm in the last 100 years alone. The city of Venice is therefore vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, particularly sea level rise. Since 2003, the “Venezia Nuova” consortium has been building the MOSE mobile barriers to protect the entrance to the Venetian lagoon from marine submersion and extraordinary tides. The decision was taken with the collaboration of all levels of government, following a complex procedure in which the defense system was compared with various alternative solutions. The Arsenal, which for centuries expressed Venice’s great maritime tradition until its decline in the 1900s, is today becoming a center of research and production, technological excellence and innovation, creating high levels of specialized employment. The command post of the MOSE system is now located here. The keynote presentation will look back at the history of the project, the features of the mobile barriers and how the defense system is coordinated precisely and in advance.

Filippo MARINI

Direttore Marittimo del Veneto e Comandante del Porto di Venezia

Francesca MORUCCI


Head of Promotion Public Relations Office

Francesca MORUCCI is head of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority’s Promotion and Public Relations office in Livorno (NTPN- Italy).
She has a PhD in “Territorial management, urbanism” (Phd’s research Title : ‘The port image for port city inhabitants : Livorno case study”, Université of Tours, France, 2017). She also has a Master degree in « Histoire et sémiologie du texte et de l’image- History and semiology of the text and of the image » from the Université de Paris VII (1998) and a Master degree in « Comunicazione ed informazione nelle amministrazioni pubbliche- Communication and information in Public Administrations » from Siena University (2003).
Her work experience covers three main areas : international cooperation in the port and maritime sector, promotion and communication, port urbanism, with a specific interest in port-city integration, Port Centers and (re)territorialization of port heritage areas.
She represents NTPN on several bodies such as ESPO « Cruise and ferries network », AIVP board, and the MedCruise Association.

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