27, 28 & 29 November 2024 in Lisbon

Culture and governance

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November 27, 2024 • 14h00 - 17h30

Port city stakeholders have shared values, a maritime identity that unites them, and a desire to develop the port together, as it is the driving force behind the local economy and at the heart of their territory’s history. For fifteen years now, the AIVP has been promoting the Port Center concept, with the aim of introducing citizens to the complexity of today’s port and enabling them to express their ideas on future projects. Port-city governance is essentially multi-stakeholder. It is based on arrangements that are always different from one territory to another. In this session we will learn about innovative governance in port cities. We will also discuss new ways to valorize and showcase the port city culture. From festive programs to exhibitions by local artists, from heritage preservation and reuse to original shared tourism policies, there is a multiplicity of initiatives that port authorities and local authorities can take together in the cultural field. With the rise of industrial tourism, the idea of “experiencing the port from the inside” has never been so popular.


Tenured Researcher and Professor in Maritime Traffic, Ports and Regional Economies

Hilda Ghiara, is Aggregate Professor and Tenured Researcher in Applied Economics, DIEC (Department of Economics, - University of Genoa Italy and member of the scientific board of the Italian Centre of Excellence for Integrated Logistics (CIELI). Responsible of a full module (Department of Economics), University of Genoa (Maritime and Port Economics). Author, co-author or editor of several scientific international publications, she is regularly a speaker/session chairman at scientific and professional conferences. She is Project manager of international research programs financed by the European Union and other private and public institutions. Since 2009 she has been a main promoter and project manager of the project Genoa Port Center (Port of Genoa Exhibition & Education Center), an initiative aiming to advance port communication and port knowledge exchange. The project won in 2009 a Special mention for ESPO award and in 2012 the Port of Genoa who has been chosen to receive the ESPO Award for societal integration dedicated in 2012 to the theme of Youth.

Location: Fundação Oriente
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